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"I was fortunate that I saw a presentation at a business event ran by the Professional Women’s Group of Gothenburg. The presentation was given by Linnea Åsbrink and Amalia Svanberg about their new company 'Let Us'. “Are you holding a corporate event or party?” they asked. “Yes” I'm thinking. “Are you getting stressed about it?” “Yes” again. “Why not 'Let Us' take some of that stress.” “Indeed” They gave us all a lovely refreshing fruity drink with a star fruit to sample. I thought “Yes, this is it. This is the kind of thing that I would like for my launch party.” I also felt a certain kinship with some fellow Professional Women working hard to set themselves up in business. I thought “Why not 'Let Them' do the catering for me.”

Clare O'Brien Zumba Fitness

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